FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our lines and ears are always open to answer any enquiries you have. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that will help you understand e-Sijil 3P better.

  • I am an importer/exporter but I do not own a company. Can I still use the e3P system?

    No. You will need to register a company and provide supporting documents as proof of company registration when you apply as e3P user.

  • Who should I contact if I would like to know more about e3P?

    You can contact Dagang Net at careline@dagangnet.com or cpm@dagangnet.com on the eSijil 3P application. If you would like to know more about regulations or procedures, please contact FAMA at fama@fama.gov.my

  • 3P stands for Penggredan, Pembungkusan dan Pelabelan. Will the implementation be executed in phases ?

    The enforcement for 3P is as follows:

  • Julai  - Disember 2011 -> Pelabelan
  • Januari - Jun 2012 -> Pembungkusan
  • Julai - Disember 2012 -> Penggredan
  • How much do I need to pay? For New Applicants

    For New Applicants (payment to Dagang Net)

  • Registration – RM200
  • Annual Access Fee – RM120 (RM10 monthly)
  • Transaction fee – RM3
  • For Existing Dagang Net User

  • Annual Access Fee – RM120
  • Transaction fee – RM3
  • How do I get involved as a pilot user?

    Register as eSijil 3P user in the website and familiarise yourself with the current system. There will be no charges until 1ST October 2011.

  • Top Technical FAQ
  • When is the e3P system targeted to go live?

    It is targeted to go live on 1st October 2011.